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The question of how to save money on travel is not only for travelers with low budgets but also for those who don’t want to spend money unnecessarily.

There are several ways to organize a trip and save with Russian Federation products.

Tips for saving on flights

A flight’s price can change depending on where you buy it. A traveler must compare offers to find the best price and option. In this area, is very helpful because it allows you to compare tickets at one place for more than 700 airlines. offers not only the best prices but also options for flight connections, times and so on. It’s a comfortable and easy way to find the best tickets, and with a filter, travelers can use their criteria to quickly search for options.

Flexible days

Advance planning can cut down costs. In addition, being flexible about dates will give travelers the opportunity to find much better options. For example, let’s say you want to plan a trip for one week, from June 7 to 14. If you’re able to start planning the trip in May or earlier, you can check ticket prices for a longer period of time. To get the best results, you can also search for different days, like three days earlier than June 7.

Change airports

You can look for flights to airports that are the closest to the destination in which you’re interested. Sometimes the two closest airports offer very different prices. This means you can save a lot, even if you spend more time exploring your options.

Early morning and late night flying

Another point is late night or early morning flights are generally have less interest from passengers. This why they are usually cheaper and help to keep the budget low. Include them in filter of to see the cheapest variants.

Low cost isn’t always the best

Low-cost airlines seem to be the cheapest variant. If you’re flying without luggage and don’t care about reserving a seat, this option can be the best one. However, reading airline’s conditions and rules can save you from unexpected costs (e.g., for adding extra luggage, cancelling a reservation or choosing your preferred seat).

Currency tricks

A sneaky way to pay less is to see whether the airline will allow you to pay in another currency. Sometimes the tickets are cheaper in the currency which is local for the airline. Research the website on which you’re making the reservation. If there is a box to choose the currency, try a different currency and see how the price changes.

To avoid losing money, learn about exchange rates and your bank’s policy in advance. This is especially important for credit card holders.

Airline company mile programs

You can join an airline company mile program to get extra miles or points from your travels. You can use the miles or points for future trips to reduce costs or get a trip for free. Some of the loyalty programs allow you to spend miles on tickets and other travel services, such as car rentals.

How to save on a hotel booking

While searching hotel options, you might find it difficult to compare the prices of rooms because each hotel search engine lists a different cost for the same room. However, shows the prices for the same room in different hotel search engines, such as and Agoda. also provides reviews and allows for searches by filters. Using these services, you can spend less and get a better room.

Plan in advance

As always, booking in advance will ensure you pay a good price. A smart traveler looks at hotels not only in the city center but also outside it. Sometimes a hotel outside the city center can be cheaper while still offering the same benefits in terms of comfort or time.

Look for references

References are some of the most important points to consider while booking hotels. Even if your budget is limited, you’ll want to ensure you stay in quality accommodations. Therefore, references can prevent unpleasant surprises.

Newsletters and promotions

By signing up for newsletters, you can easily manage your bookings. You can benefit from secret prices and discounts just for you. For example, if you have an account on, after you have made a few trips, you receive ‘genius’ status. This gives you special prices and offers that are personalized to you; you’ll also save 10%.

Tips for coupons and promotions

Some airline companies offer regular discounts, especially if you book far in advance. Such discounts can help you stick to your budget. To find such discounts, join the airline’s newsletter.

If the website has a ‘promo code’ area, search for promotion codes on Google. Almost all codes have deadlines. This is why you must include the month in your search query — for example, ‘October promo code for 2017’ and so on.


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